Storm hits Secunda: Monday 2013/10/07

A storm hit Secunda earlier today, there are many reports of damage to buildings and also reports of fatalities.

Unfortunately I cannot confirm any details.  I will update this post with more info if it becomes available and is confirmed.

What i can confirm: the tornado photo doing the rounds on social media is a hoax.  You can check our twitter feed for the origin of the tornado image everyone is distributing.

The weather station measured wind speed gusts up to 83 km/h.  Extreme changes in barometric pressure was also observed.

Rain recorded today = 15.4 mm.

Wind Maximum speed recorded = 85.3 km/h @ 16:40.

The following graphs shows how quickly weather conditions can change:

BarometerHistory OutsideTempHistoryWindDirectionHistory

19 thoughts on “Storm hits Secunda: Monday 2013/10/07”

  1. I’ve received an image of a tornado outside Charlie 5 and where Greenfields was. I’ts not the same as the one on social media. . . dont know how true it is though

    1. Hi Bianca, I can confirm that there was huge storm close to Greenfields. We were caught up in it I have past Greenfields, on my way to Charlie 5, and I could see something huge and dark approaching from the left hand, very, very fast. I wondered if it was a huge rainstorm but what I couldn’t understand is why it was sitting on the ground. It seemed that it was driven by very strong wind. I was hoping that we could avoid it, but unfortunately once it cross the road we drove right into it. And suddenly everything became dark around us. The wind was extremely strong, things was hitting on side and windows of the car and it felt if the car was being shook. I couldn’t see a anything in front of me and we had to get of the road (hoping that we are getting off the road due to the visibility) . The thought of tornado did come up in my mind, but thought it just couldn’t be. I weren’t sure what we were experiencing. Could you kindly also send me the image that you have received.

      1. Sonja, thanx for your detailed message. I have checked my weather cam (looking SSW) images one by one, but nothing unusual. I hope that someone can supply a proper photo!

  2. There is more than one photo out the one I saw was from a lady that actually had damage done to her kar by the “tornado” storm I did not see it my self I had to push my table in front of my door tho because the wind was stronger than my locked door no idea all I know was at 16:00 I came home it just looked like rain and a half a hour later it was midnight dark outside I took a photo of that

  3. Hi Cor, I have told Bianca early my experience within the storm while traveling to Charlie 5. Is there any actual “true” images of the storm available?

    1. After seeing the damage photos etc I dont think it was a gustwind think it was a tornado even though there is no pic to prove it.

  4. Hi Cor

    Can you maybe assist me with wat the worst gust wind speed was that was measured on the 7th of October during the storm

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