Monthly Archives: April 2018

System changes & maintenance for the next few months

I will be doing very much needed maintenance to the whole weather station system in the coming months.  Certain functions may be interrupted from time to time, including web page updates.

This will be the largest upgrade done on the system since the initial installation & configuration 6 to 9  years ago.

Some important items on the upgrade planning list:

  • Perform backups of applications and archiving of data
  • Upgrading operating systems on the weather system servers
  • Configuring stable virtual servers which can be easily recovered in case of failure
  • Re-evaluation of weather station functions/features based on web analytics information
  • Transferring & upgrading of applications and legacy data to the new virtual servers
  • Re-design of the main web page – the goal is to have one page suitable for desktops as well as mobile devices

Please be patient when the web pages are not updating as usual.  The upgrades are done to ensure availability for the next few years.   I hope to be done with it all by spring.



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