Monthly Archives: November 2016

AMSAT SA Workshop held at NARC

A very successful SDR (Software Defined Radio) workshop was held on Saturday 26 November at the National Amateur Radio Centre (NARC).  Software defined radio concepts are already in widespread use in the telecoms industry and is spreading out into other radio communication domains.

Two presentations on SDR Fundamentals and a concept SDR based Satellite Transponder were done by Anton Janovski (ZR6AIC) and Cor Rademeyer (ZS6CR).

More information will be posted on the AMSAT SA website.

img_3331_img_3325_ img_3333_Photo credit: Hans van de Groenendaal


Secunda Beer Brewers Group – Beer Tasting 2016/11/12

The Secunda Beer Brewers Group held a beer tasting event, here is the results and some photos.

AMSAT SA – SDR Workshop


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