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NOAA Satellite Image @ 17:53 – Thunder storm (MB) enhancement




Electronic telescope focuser

I have been working on an electronic remote telescope focuser to improve precise focusing when doing astrophotography.  It is based on a standard RC servo and an Arduino Micro controller board.  So, now I just have to wait for a clear evening to test it!


Contact us: BBM for IOS not working so lekker!

Contacting us via BBM has not been very successful, I have received a lot of BBM invites but sometimes I only get a notification and have no option to add the contact.   If you have not been successful in adding me as a BBM contact, you can try again or contact me via skype or email.

NOAA Satellite Image @ 16:02

Two satellite images from around 16:02 today, first one = precipitation enhancement and second image = temperature enhancement.

NOAA_20131113_1602 NOAA_20131113_1602th

GFS Rain chart: 13 November 2013

Weather cam photo: striking contrast in this image!

cam_1 20131112

The Moon: 2013/11/07



Satellite Image: From the South pole

This satellite image is composed from several satellite passes over the South Pole … quite an interesting view of the earth!

This view is very useful in winter time when cold fronts are approaching the western/southern Cape Province

EUMETSAT Airmass Image


GFS Rain Chart

GFS Temp Chart

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