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BACAR 5 – Successful High Altitude Balloon Flight

The Secunda Amateur Radio Club (ZS6SRC) launched the BACAR 5 high altitude balloon on Saturday 21 October.  BACAR is the acronymn for BAlloon Carrying Amateur Radio.

The BACAR project is a STEM (Science/Technology/Engineering/Mathematics) educational initiative, being run by the Secunda Amateur Radio Club.  This is the fifth year of the project.  Schools are taking part by assembling experiments which fly on the the balloon mission. After a succesfull recovery of the various payloads attached to the balloon, experiment results can be downloaded and processed.

The primary mission objective was surely achieved: giving learners an opportunity to take part in a STEM project, maybe planting the seeds for choosing a career in science or engineering!

Some highlights on launch day:

Preparations for launch under way





Members of the AMSAt SA Kletskous cubesat development team

Members of the AMSAt SA Kletskous cubesat development team



We have liftoff!


t_image 563

Some amazing views of Earth on the way up

t_image 686

t_image 736

t_image 892

At an altitude of 29.5 km the balloon burst.


 Some more awesome views coming down:

t_image 1034

t_image 979

After a few minutes the payloads were on solid ground and waiting to be recovered.


Watch one of the videos recorded during the flight:

And some flight statistics:



Follow our High Altitude Balloon Project

You can follow our participation in the latest High Altitude Balloon project on our sister site  We are proud to be part of this project, we have an excellent project team, we worked very hard so far to create awareness of space science and science projects in general among the local Secunda community & youth.

The launch of the two HABs will take place early on Saturday morning at the Vryburg airfield.  you can follow the balloons live on the net at




HAB (high altitude balloon project)

We will be taking part in a High Altitude Balloon project. More details to follow, watch this space!

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