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Technical problems!

We are having some technical problems,  the ethernet interface hardware has failed, an new interface was ordered and should arrive in the next two weeks.

This means that we are struggling to keep everything running, for instance the fire weather calcs are not updated daily anymore.

The weather info on the main weather page is currently supplied & updated by Gert (ZS6GC).  I really appreciate his help to keep the main page updated!



Internet Connection Problems: update

We are experiencing problems with the Telkom line (for 3 weeks now), web page updates are erratic and it is becoming a problem as neither Telkom or Afrihost (ISP & responsible for line) seems to be willing to sort out the problem.  My next step will be social media…

Update: Seems like the ADSL line is stable again, web updates should be as per normal now.


ADSL outage

Web site weather pages can not be updated dye to ADSL failure in Secunda:

@networkfail_za: #telkom – Telkom ADSL outage affecting Secunda (017 – 631, 634) – Outage … –

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