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Precipitation Forecast

Precipitation Forecast Animation

Satellite image: Thunderstorms on the Highveld/Gauteng/Mpumalanga


NOAA Satellite Image @ 16:02

Two satellite images from around 16:02 today, first one = precipitation enhancement and second image = temperature enhancement.

NOAA_20131113_1602 NOAA_20131113_1602th

Week graphs: 14 to 20 April ’13


Rainfall forecast: Mon 31 Dec 2012


Rainfall forecast: Mon 10 Dec 2012


Rainfall Forecast: Friday 23 November 2012


Heavy rain & lightning

Heavy rain & lots of lightning now in Secunda, the weather server & internet is unplugged so no web page updates until the lightning moves away.

Storm approaching?

Looks like a huge storm is approaching Secunda from the south…

Rainfall Forecast: Wednesday 21 November 2012


Rainfall forecast: Fri 9 November 2012


Rain forecast: Thu 8 November 2012

Rain forecast for Thu 8 Nov 2012


Rainfall Forecast: Monday 29 October

Rainfall forecast chart for Monday 29 October 2012

Rainfall Forecast

Rain forecast: Tuesday/Wednesday 16/17 October

Rain Forecast for Tuesday/Wednesday 16/17 October 2012


Meteogram: 10/11/12 October

Rain forecast: Wednesday 10 October

Rainfall forecast for Wednesday 10 October 2012


Rain forecast: Tuesday 9 October

Rainfall forecast for Tuesday 9 October 2012


Rain forecast chart: 5 September

Rain forecast chart for today

Possible rainfall: 5-7 September

Update: Latest meteogram added. The max temerature for Thursday will be on the low side at about 11 C.

Edit: new meteogram added:

Looks like the summer rain season has arrived – the latest model runs show possible rainfall on 5-7 September.


Willow Creek Stables: Rainfall figures for November 2011 updated

The rainfall figures page for Willow Creek Stables, situated about halfway between Secunda and Bethal, was updated for November 2011. The November total rainfall was significantly less than the multi-year average for November!

Thanks to Kobus for supplying the data on a regular basis.

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