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Satellite Images: Tropical Storm Guito

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Satellite Image: Tropical Storm Guito: Thermal Enhancement


Satellite image: Thunderstorms on the Highveld/Gauteng/Mpumalanga


Satellite Image: Tropical Storm Guito


Late afternoon Satellite Image of tropical storm ‘Guito’ in the Moz Channel


NOAA Satellite Image @ 17:53 – Thunder storm (MB) enhancement


Secunda – Hail Storm: 2013/10/28

Secunda experienced a destructive hail storm today, there are many reports of property damage.

Hail in my driveway was between 30-40cm deep!

My recording studio/equipment and weather station room was flooded.  Spent some time cleaning up; stopped counting the damage, will worry about it tomorrow!

IMG_3232_ IMG_3187_ IMG_3191_ IMG_3199_ IMG_3203_ IMG_3209_

Lightning Density Map

Lightning Density Map – density in strikes per minute.





Cyclone Dando satellite images

Latest satellite images of the cyclone Dando, over southern Mozambique, moving to the west into Mpumalanga.




Heavy Rain/Tropical Cyclone Threat for Mozambique

Heavy Rain/Tropical Cyclone Threat for Mozambique

Duduza, East Rand Tornado!

Duduza, East Rand Tornado!

Tornado tears through Duduza homes

Tornado tears through Duduza homes

Rain is falling

Update: 2mm of rain measured.

Storm approaching Secunda

Storm approaching Secunda, thunder clouds are moving in and wind is picking up.

Solar Radiation at 42 W/m2.

rain approaching secunda…

looks like some rain is approaching Secunda…

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